“Are you drunk?” Van Dijk faces a heavy penalty after attacking the referee of the Arsenal match

The Mirror newspaper reported that the English FA is considering opening an investigation into the circulated video of Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool captain, mocking the referee of his team’s match against Arsenal, Chris Kavanagh.

The origin of the incident was that the referee did not award a free kick to Liverpool, so the camera came to Van Dijk as he accused him of being “drunk,” pointing to a bottle of alcohol and asking him if he had consumed alcohol before the match.

The referee did not notice Van Dijk’s words, but the cameras caught them, so the player was in the crosshairs of the English Football Association.

It is known that the FA does not tolerate when players go off-script in front of the referees, and even Van Dijk himself was a victim of this when he attacked the refereeing in the Newcastle match this season.

The Dutch international was then suspended for an additional match, in addition to being fined 100,000 pounds, and it seems that this matter may be repeated if the English Federation opens an investigation into the new incident.

It is noteworthy that the match between Arsenal and Liverpool ended in a positive draw 1-1, and witnessed a controversial arbitration decision in which the referee and video technology refused to award a penalty kick to Martin Odegaard despite it being clear that he touched the ball with his hand.

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