An early final result in the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup

The draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup took place late on Monday, and produced some exciting encounters including one that could be called an ‘early final’.

Defending champion Manchester City will have to face Tottenham in a premature final, while Chelsea was drawn into a fiery confrontation with the dark horse of the Premier League this season, Aston Villa.

Liverpool will face the winner of the match between Norwich City and Bristol Rovers, while Newcastle will set a date with Fulham.

Manchester United may have been the luckiest in this draw, as they will play with the winner of Newport Country or Eastleigh.

The third round has not been fully completed. According to the regulations, when a match ends in a draw, a rematch is held the following week, which one of the two teams must win, whether in regular time or by penalty shootout.

The FA Cup fourth round matches are scheduled to take place between January 27 and 28, which means teams will often miss their players participating in the Africa Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup.

Below are the full results of the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup:

  • Watford x Southampton
  • Blackburn x Warskham
  • Bournemouth x Swansea City
  • West Bromwich x Brentford or Wolverhampton
  • West Ham or Bristol City x Nottingham Forest or Blackpool
  • Sheffield Wednesday x Coventry City
  • Leicester City x Hull City or Birmingham City
  • Chelsea x Aston Villa
  • Ipswich Town x Maidstone United
  • Liverpool x Norwich City or Bristol Rovers
  • Tottenham x Manchester City

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