Al-Ittihad coach: One case brings Benzema back to play with us again!

Marcelo Gallardo, Al-Ittihad coach, confirmed that Karim Benzema’s absence from his team’s match against Al-Ta’i in the Saudi League was for “technical reasons.”

Benzema only participated in Al-Ittihad’s group training two days ago, after many disagreements during the month of January that almost made him leave the Saudi club.

The Al-Taie match was the second official Al-Ittihad match in which Benzema was absent, after the Frenchman also stayed away from the Al-Faisaly match in the King’s Cup, by a decision of coach Gallardo.

Gallardo was asked in the press conference after the Al-Tai match about the reason for Benzema’s absence, and he replied, “If he becomes in full physical and technical condition, we will watch him with the team, and the decision to exclude him is purely technical.”

Gallardo stipulated one condition for the Frenchman to return to participate, and said, “Karim Benzema must work well so that we can see him in matches in the coming period.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ittihad defeated Al-Taei 3-0 in the postponed match from last January, and before that it defeated Al-Faisaly 4-0 and qualified for the semi-finals of the King’s Cup.

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