Al-Ittihad coach absolutely refuses to bring Benzema back and causes a major crisis

Al-Riyadiah newspaper reported that Al-Ittihad coach Marcelo Gallardo rejected all attempts to include Karim Benzema in the team’s camp held in Dubai.

Benzema did not arrive at his scheduled time in the camp, which angered Gallardo and it was said that he even decided to strip him of the captaincy.

According to the latest report, the Argentine coach is still resolute in his position and refuses to distinguish between Benzema and the rest of the players, and because of his delay in returning, there is no way for him to join the team again.

The position of the former River Plate coach led to the French international remaining in Jeddah and conducting solitary training at the Federation’s headquarters.

Al-Ittihad officials are scheduled to make additional efforts in the next few hours in order to bring the points of view closer together in the hope of convincing the coach and returning Benzema to the group again.

In general, the current situation puts Gallardo’s own future at stake, given that Benzema was the reason for the dismissal of former coach Nuno Santo due to the poor relationship between them.

In the same context, if Al-Ittihad’s management decides to agree with the coach’s ideas, this may mean that the 36-year-old may leave the Tigers before the end of the winter Mercato.

It is noteworthy that Lyon has emerged as a possible destination for Benzema, and it is said that the player is prepared to take a significant salary cut in order to return to playing in Europe again.

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