A strongly worded disciplinary decision against Benzema from Gallardo!

In the past few hours, a major crisis broke out between Karim Benzema and his coach at Al-Ittihad Club Marcelo Gallardo, which led to a decisive decision by the Argentine coach.

Benzema was supposed to return to Al-Ittihad training last Friday, but the player did not arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Later, it turned out that Benzema headed directly to Dubai to join the camp scheduled to start on Sunday, which seemed to anger coach Gallardo a lot.

According to the Kooora website, Gallardo took the decision to strip the French international of the leadership badge in recognition of the principle of equality between players.

The former River Plate coach was clear that Benzema should be present at training in Jeddah normally, and that there is no distinction between one player over another, regardless of his fame.

Other sources said that Gallardo decided to exclude Benzema from the entire Dubai camp in response to what he did, but there is no confirmation of that or the step of withdrawing the leadership badge from him yet.

At the same time, the newspaper “Marca” indicated that force majeure circumstances were the reason for Benzema’s absence, namely the presence of a hurricane on the island of Mauritius, where he was.

It is not yet known whether 36-year-old Benzema will move in the opposite direction and attack Gallardo or will accept the heavy punishment imposed by the coach.

It is noteworthy that Benzema had a very bad relationship with coach Nuno Santo, and as a result, Ittihad’s management decided, as soon as the results declined, to remove the Portuguese from the leadership of the “Dean”.

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