A strict reaction from the Saudi Federation to Mancini’s strange behavior

Yasser Al-Meshal, President of the Saudi Football Federation, expressed his extreme anger at Roberto Mancini’s strange behavior during the match between Al-Akhdar and South Korea in the Asian Cup.

After Abdul Rahman Gharib missed a penalty kick, Mancini left the Education City Stadium despite there being a final kick for the South Korean national team.

This behavior sparked widespread anger on social media, and many considered it a huge lack of respect, considering that if the kick had been blocked, the match would have returned to square one.

Al-Meshal spoke after the match about what happened, saying, “It is completely unacceptable. We will meet with Mancini to understand what happened. We do not accept such behavior from anyone.”

He also added, “Mancini has the right to clarify his point of view so that we can take appropriate action.”

When asked about the possibility of dismissing Mancini, he replied, “Technically, we are completely satisfied, but we must evaluate actions. It is too early to talk about dismissal now.”

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