A “provocative” comment from Kroos on the Saudi booing whistles against him: It was funny!

Toni Kroos, the Real Madrid player, spoke about the booing whistles he received from Saudi fans during his participation with the Royal Club in the Spanish Super Cup.

The matter began when Kroos replaced Luka Modric in the Atletico Madrid match, and continued for another 65 minutes in the final against Barcelona.

The main reason for the Saudi jeers against the German star was his statements during which he attacked the Saudi League and refused to transfer young players to it.

In an interview with his brother Felix via a radio broadcast, Cross said in response to what he was exposed to in Saudi Arabia, “I did not expect what happened at all. It never occurred to me in the first place.”

He also added, “This happened because I was not convinced that young players would leave European leagues and move to Saudi Arabia. I said this 6 months ago, but I forgot it.”

He continued, “When I heard the booing whistles for the first time, I did not think they were directed against me, but then I realized that all this anger was directed against me. It did not bother me. On the contrary, it was funny and enjoyable.”

“The funny thing is that everyone in the stadium is supporting Real Madrid, and the whistles started to decrease at the end because they started to realize that I was playing for their team.”

He concluded, “This is the real joke, that they are supposed to be Real Madrid fans, but as I said, what happened did not bother me, but rather it was funny.”

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