A major crisis quickly emerged between Real Madrid and Mbappe!

It seems that Kylian Mbappe will not have much peace if he joins Real Madrid, as he faces a major crisis initially at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Le Parisien newspaper, which reported that the French international had chosen to join Real Madrid, published another piece of news about the crisis he will face with the management of Florentino Perez.

This crisis is Mbappe’s great desire to participate with the French national team in the 2024 Paris Olympics, while the Perez administration rejects this matter in form and substance.

Mbappe announced earlier that he dreams of glory with the Roosters in Paris, but this will involve his absence from his team throughout July and August.

Real Madrid’s management does not favor the idea, as it will lose the player at the beginning of the season, and he may also face a problem with integrating into Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.

On the contrary, Paris Saint-Germain welcomed allowing the 25-year-old to participate in the Olympics, even if this would cause them to lose a large sum of money from the marketing side.

Le Parisien confirms that Real Madrid’s management is trying in the coming period to reach a solution that satisfies all parties and does not cause any material or psychological losses to the player or the club.

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