A firm response from Ancelotti to Laporta and Xavi’s attack against Real Madrid

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti stressed that he will not be drawn into the low level of dialogue in response to what Joan Laporta and Xavi Hernandez said against the Royal Club.

Laporta attacked Real Madrid again and said that what the Royal Club is doing on its official channel against arbitration can only be described as “shame.”

Xavi followed him by speaking forcefully against Real Madrid and said that he was “not a fool” to realize the extent of the pressure that the Merengue puts on arbitration to be in his favor.

Ancelotti once responded to Barcelona’s attack, specifically last week when he said that everyone is aware of how refereeing favored Barcelona in recent years, and he was asked again about the new comments from Catalan officials.

This time, the Italian responded firmly, saying, “Laporta and Xavi’s words? I really will not stoop to this level. Don’t ask me again.”

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