A division within Real Madrid regarding Mbappe… A part prefers to sign another star!

It seems that Real Madrid is not yet sure of its desire to sign Kylian Mbappe, as press reports indicate that there is a division over his inclusion in light of the presence of a team within the administration that wants to sign another player to support the attack.

This player, according to the “Football Transfer” program, is Victor Osimhen, as part of the Real management believes that he will be more suitable for the way the Royal Club plays than Mbappe.

Real Madrid can only include one of the duo, either Mbappe or Osimhen, and the situation remains ambiguous for Florentino Perez’s management due to the ambiguity of the position of the Paris Saint-Germain star so far.

The team supporting the signing of Osimhen likened the Nigerian striker to Real Madrid legend Karim Benzema in his style of play, which the Merengue desperately needs instead of a player who tends to be a winger more than a striker.

Individual potential is not the only motivation for including Osimhen, but also what the deal will cost financially, as it will be much less valuable than the huge sums that Mbappe wants to receive to come to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Osimhen renewed his contract with Napoli in recent days, with a penalty clause ranging from 120 to 150 million euros, and his salary – if he joins Real Madrid – will not exceed 15 million euros.

As for contracting with Mbappe, initially, it will involve a huge transfer bonus of the same value as Osimhen’s condition, and his salary will not be less than 30 to 40 million euros, making him one of the highest paid in Europe and the world.

Osimhen, 25 years old, demonstrated his exceptional abilities in the last two seasons with Napoli, during which he scored 67 goals in 119 matches and assisted 17 others.

It is noteworthy that the Nigerian player has always confirmed his desire to move to the English Premier League in particular, and Chelsea is the club that most desires his services.

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