A controversial “hat-trick” of penalty kicks decides the Asian Cup for Qatar

The Qatar national team succeeded in maintaining the Asian Cup title after defeating the Jordan national team in the final match, 3-1, at Lusail Stadium.

Perhaps the most notable point in the final was the Chinese referee’s controversial decisions, after he awarded three penalty kicks to the Qatar national team, all of which were of questionable validity.

The first hero of the match was Akram Afif, who scored all three kicks against goalkeeper Yazid Abu Laila.

The referee awarded Qatar’s first kick in the 22nd minute, then the Jordanian team succeeded in adjusting with a more than wonderful goal through Yazan Al-Naimat in the 67th minute.

Al-Hussein Amouta Battalion’s joy over the amendment did not last long after the Chinese referee returned to the video technology and awarded a new, highly controversial penalty kick for the Qatari team, which Afif also scored in the 73rd minute.

In the ninety-fifth minute, Afif won a third penalty kick after colliding with goalkeeper Abu Laila, and completed the historic “hat-trick” that won the title for the Qatari team.

Qatar has become the fourth team to win the Asian Cup with two titles (2019 and 2023), on par with South Korea, and Japan remains the most crowned team with 4 titles, then Iran and Saudi Arabia with 3 titles each.

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