A club that publicly rejected the European Super League is secretly negotiating to join it!

Bernd Reichart, head of A22 Sports, the company that finances the European Super League, has claimed that there is a club that publicly refuses to participate in the competition but is secretly negotiating to join it.

On Thursday, the European Court of Justice recognized the right of clubs to establish the European Super League without being subject to sanctions from the European Football Association.

The majority of European clubs issued statements denouncing the European Super League after that, leaving only Real Madrid and Barcelona participating in the competition so far.

Controversially, Reichart said about secret communications, “Some of the clubs that announced that they refused to participate contacted me and explained their position to me and told me that they say no, but they are there and want to participate in the tournament.”

He also added, “I believe that we will convince European clubs to participate in the tournament, despite all the data we have seen that clearly shows the imprint of UEFA, which has monopolized football for 70 years.”

Reichardt did not announce the name of the club, which is supposed to be one of the biggest in the old continent.

It is noteworthy that Napoli was the only club that publicly announced its willingness to negotiate the tournament, and the Italian Federation responded with an explicit threat to exclude any club that would participate in the new competition.

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