Not Real Madrid.. Mbappe: I dream of moving to this club

Kylian Mbappe refused to close the door on his move to the Italian League one day, revealing that he is a mad fan of one of the clubs there. The French international is about to move to Real Madrid next summer after the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and talk has always been […]

Xavi gives up his money to Barcelona, ​​but he is demanding a strange sum!

“Sport” newspaper reported that Xavi Hernandez informed Barcelona officials that he had waived his financial dues after his dismissal from his position in recent days. According to the contract concluded between the coach and the club, Barcelona owes 11 million euros to Xavi due to his dismissal before the end of the contract in the […]

Rodrygo reveals the truth about his departure from Real Madrid

Real Madrid star Rodrygo came out with a clarification about the statements that spread to him in the past hours and hinted at the possibility of leaving the Royal Club soon. During a press interview, Rodrygo was asked about the departure and said that anything is possible, which immediately made speculation increase that he would […]

Saudi Super Cup draw results in fiery confrontations, and the dates are set

The draw for the 2024 Saudi Super Cup was held on Tuesday evening, and it resulted in fiery confrontations, as is the competition’s habit since its launch under the new system in the last two years. The Saudi League champion and runner-up, and the King’s Cup champion and runner-up, are supposed to participate in the […]

Messi turns into a movie star…his first appearance in Hollywood (video)

Football legend Lionel Messi appeared in a promotional trailer for the American movie “Bad Boys,” which stars the famous actor Will Smith. This film stars another athlete, American basketball star Jimmy Butler, a player for the Miami Heat. During the video, Messi appears as he knocks on the door to Will Smith’s house, who tells […]

Kroos renews his attack on Saudi Arabia

Real Madrid player Toni Kroos renewed his attack on Saudi Arabia, when he confirmed that he could never play there for various reasons. Kroos was subjected to severe booing when he played in the Spanish Super Cup with Real Madrid in Saudi Arabia after his statements in which he attacked the Saudi League, the entry […]

For the first time.. Modric hints at his fate with Real Madrid

Luka Modric hinted that he was close to continuing with Real Madrid, when he stressed that he intends to retire from the Royal Club and will do everything in his power to achieve this. Modric’s contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the current season, and renewal negotiations for another year are still […]

Announcing the ideal lineup for the Premier League 2023-2024 by fan vote

The English Premier League has published the ideal lineup for the 2023-2024 Premier League based on fan voting. Manchester City was crowned champion of the competition for the fourth time in a row, and its rival for the second year was Arsenal, while Liverpool came third, and Aston Villa was the biggest surprise, occupying fourth […]